Guide To Use Wrist Straps

Wrist Straps

Wrist american straps are used by powerlifters and other athletes. You may find these wrist wraps in almost all the fitness centers. Wrist straps are mainly made of cloth or leather which can be tied to the bar and wrist helping it to hold the heavyweight.

Apart from doing the workout, you should also see that you maintain a healthy lifestyle as stated in and you can get several easy tips as well.

Necessity Of Wrist Straps
Though wrist wraps are used for strongman competition, it is not allowed for powerlifting. If the straps are used carefully, then it will be helpful in gaining strength and size that will be added to your main lifts. It can also be used for non-competitive lifters to gain more strength and size.

The main advantage of straps is that they make the target muscles tired without thinking much about the grip. When you start exercising, there are two things which you should pay attention. You should check the targeted muscles of the exercise and look for the muscles which get tired first. The answer should be same. If for some reason the reason is not same then it is not an acceptable exercise. The exercises should not be hard just because exercises are meant to be like that, but it should be hard for good reasons.

If your motive is to improve the strength and size of a certain muscle then making use of straps will improve the ability. So you need not feel ashamed of using them at any point in time.

Some of the exercises that improve the muscle size and strength in your back and hamstrings are shrugs, rack pulls, deadlifts and curls. If you can’t hold on to the bars till your muscles get tired, then there is no point in avoiding straps.

Wearing The Wrist Band
Everybody feels comfortable in wearing wristband some way or the other and sometimes it may be a tricky part to attach them to the bar. The technique used for wrapping depends on the length of the strap and the place where the loop is stitched.

The wrapping method which everybody prefers is to wrap the hand in a place where they want it and to wrap the other one much closer to the already wrapped up hand. Now you can slide the next hand into the position.

Types Of Straps
There are different styles of straps available in the market. They are loop straps, speed straps and hook straps.

1.Loop Straps
This is the easiest type of strap to find with varying lengths and materials you can pick like cloth and leather. The intention of loop construction is to have a tight and safe fit around the wrist.

2.Speed Straps
The speed straps are also called as Olympic straps. Since it is a closed loop, it makes them easy and simple to get it attached to the bar. This is why they are used in Olympic lifting.

3.Hook Straps
With hook straps, you don’t need any wrapping, and it sits comfortably in a standard bar with the help of hooks.

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